Friday, May 17, 2013

Specifical-ly Colors - Digital Scrapbooking Freebie - Full Kit

Oh my... these take me way back.  I did these so long ago I almost forgot about them.  Someone requested them so I dusted them off and uploaded them!  Hope you enjoy!

Download the Full Kit Here:

Click here

Thanks and Enjoy! ~ Heather

Opps! These were password protected.  Sorry and thanks so much for pointing it out.  Here they are:

Black and White:  whitejolly
Blue: bluejolly
Green:  greenjolly
Orange: orangejolly
Purple: purplejolly
red: redjolly


  1. These are wonderful; but I can't find the password. They download just fine; but when it is time to open the files, it requires a password.

  2. These are marvelous - but it's been so very long since you've blessed us with your digital talent! Come back - you are missed!!

    D :)

  3. The download link has downloads for the green, orange, purple and red kits. Where can I download the blue and black & white kits? Thank you so much for your beautiful kits. I love your work!!

    1. Reuploaded those. check back. thanks for letting me know

    2. Thank you!! Got the rest of the kits :)

  4. The download link for the blue kit is missing as well as the black and white. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Just fixed the links to those so come back and try again! :)