Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Update

I am still MIA. In the third trimester now and finding that time is going so fast. I am very tired most of the time and when I am not I have the need to make sure I get something done. Which then makes me tired. LOL Oh the joys of pregnancy! We are getting close the the home stretch and getting more and more excited as the days go by. My little guy, although he doesn't have a real understanding of what's happening, is awaiting his little sister as well.

As for the scrapbooking, I have had a little time here and there on the couch to create but I have yet to have anything really completed or uploaded. But I am slowly working on stuff so that when I finally do have a moment to give you guys some new freebies they will be good ones and totally worth the wait.

Thanks for the kind emails from those of you that have taken the time to check in with me. And put the word out that you have found my new location. I am very sorry that I had to close down the old blog but that whole account was corrupt in some way and it was causing very strange issues with my cell phone which I cannot live without. :)

See you soon,

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